Acvian launches world-leading Payroll Estimator for 110+ countries

2 min readNov 2, 2022


To help you better understand your recruiting costs and needs as your company grows globally, we’ve updated our Payroll Estimator, which will soon be accessible on our website.

It might be challenging to keep track of every aspect of your business’s and its workers’ budgets and expectations. This may be especially evident to international firms competing in local markets due to the extra difficulty of overcoming a language barrier.

Innovation and constant development are of the highest importance to us. Discover how our Payroll Estimator functions and how we help you understand what you’ll need to hire staff wisely.

What is the Payroll Estimator?

When growing their business into significant and minor markets worldwide, our clients repeatedly ask us questions concerning corporate and human resource legislation.

Given the complexities of employment regulations, it is critical for businesses to comprehend their obligations to both their employees and the state, as well as how to carry out statutory employee rights and contributions.

Acvian simplifies it for our clients to recognize their commitments under national labor laws in more than 110 countries. When hiring workers, you can use the Payroll Estimator to determine your company’s primary financial responsibilities for the country/countries you are expanding.

The Estimator will outline the price of employing the workers you require, including all compulsory contributions to the government or workers in your preferred location.

How does the Payroll Estimator work?

Find out how much your employees cost by following these steps:

  1. Visit our Payroll Estimator on our website;
  2. Find the country in which you want to calculate employee and employer costs;
  3. Choose if you are planning to hire a local employee or an expat;
  4. Choose between USD and EUR, and the Estimator will give you a calculation in local currency;
  5. Enter the salary amount you want to pay your employee;
  6. Click Estimate Payroll Cost.

Worth noting: Using this tool will give you an estimate of how much each employee will cost. There may be additional particular retaining taxes and contributions due, depending on the nation and salary amount(s).

Once I know how much it will cost to hire my staff abroad, whats the next step?

To assist you in hiring employees, get in touch with human resource specialists after getting acquainted with Payroll Estimator.

As a non-native speaker, you should not take the risk of breaking local employment standards and jeopardizing your company’s performance in a new market because labor law is complex.

Our EOR and HR specialists at Acvian provide a range of support for expanding businesses in various regions. Through a variety of channels, we help our clients expand into new markets and hire both domestic and foreign workers. We provide:

  • Professional assistance regarding official company incorporation and employee hiring.
  • Using a co-employment model to hire staff while acting as a Professional Employment Organization (PEO) or Employer of Record (EOR).
  • Legislation consultations
  • Payroll, salary and benefits calculations
  • Support with processing visas for your international staff.
  • Relocation packages.

We are prepared to offer specific market entry options and human resources services to ensure your growth gets off to the best possible start.