Acvian Payroll Cost Estimator — a Valuable Embeddable HR and Payroll Tool

3 min readJun 7, 2021

In today’s world of speed and high relevance, accelerated employment solutions take over, especially when the international talent market comes into play

What is a global payroll estimator tool?

Acvian Payroll Cost Estimator is a universal and useful tool for the HR, recruiting, PEO/EOR industry. It helps you receive an instant employment cost estimate in one of 118 countries of interest. This practical tool liberates companies globally from the notorious awaiting request and official sales proposals from big providers. Acvian Estimator gives you both: the freedom to decide on business objective priorities when you need to do so and precious insights about the employment cost in the country that is far beyond your expertise.

If you see that the Estimator can aid your business goals as well as your potential customers, go ahead and fill in a request today to get the most benefits:

  • avoid long-lasting request-processing from large EOR providers
  • evaluate entrance into a new market in a matter of minutes
  • get an accurate assessment of employee-related expenses

by installing the payroll estimator within your website or mobile app.

Acvian PEO/ EOR service package

Any growing company faces employment challenges from time to time. These days, when remote rules the world, the recruiting challenges recede while employment challenges can arise instead.

A solution to any of such issues can be a reliable employer of record: a company that undertakes your every concern during an international employment process:

  • swift international employment estimation, perfectly tailored to your employee-country setup
  • close-up attention to every requirement and detail with a focus on accelerated employment finalization
  • takes on all the responsibilities and liabilities for issues regarding employment relationships
  • provides a single point of contact for every employee-related need.

Specifically, Acvian will:

  • Provide local expertise in payroll processing and any other local necessity that your employee requires
  • Assure full compliance with local legislation
  • Provide advice on every aspect of the employment contract: termination, notice periods, severance payments
  • Keep you updated on the latest local legislation changes or concerns.
  • Arrange every work permit and visa for your employee

Acvian Payroll Cost Estimator Custom Implementation

If you decide to install Acvian Payroll Cost Estimator on your website or within your Android/iOS mobile application, let’s talk and discuss your particular use case and an offer we can make. Keep in mind that we provide you with an API that can be implemented within your existing web or mobile app. This way the estimator will adopt the native interface of your app rather than stand out. This way you can leverage the power of the software without the pain of losing leads.

We provide full customer/developer support for Acvian Payroll Cost Estimator users.

Who can benefit from Acvian Payroll Cost Estimator most?

Acvian Payroll Cost Estimator tends to the needs of various size businesses but also fills in for recruiters and HR specialists. Let’s take a look at who would cut the most time and budget by using a tool like this:

  • international organizations who seek to expand into a new region and are assessing the approximate cost of this entrance
  • recruiting and HR teams all over the world who have run out of resource locally and are seeking to hire overseas
  • medium-sized companies looking into opening a branch abroad and evaluating “trial run” hire
  • employees willing to relocate and work remotely from a different country.

In the contemporary world with the ever-changing legislation faster, more efficient solutions lead the way. With that in mind, we’re providing our clients with fast and accurate information that relates to their hiring decisions coming up.

If you still have any questions left on the estimator or Acvian EOR services, feel free to contact us at any time.