Annual leave and holiday entitlements as a statutory benefit to employees



All employees in France are entitled to paid leave once they have worked at least one month during the reference period (which runs from June 01 of the previous year to May 31 of the ongoing year). Therefore, employees are entitled to 2,5 working days of leave per month worked, i.e. 5 weeks of paid leave per year worked.


In Ukraine Employees are entitled to a minimum of 24 calendar days of paid annual leave after six consecutive months of employment with the employer. After the expiration of this six-month period, employees can take paid annual leave.


Russia has one of the longest paid annual leave entitlements in the world — 28 calendar days of paid holidays annually. Some categories are entitled to even longer vacations paid by the employer.


The standard length of basic leave in Hungary is 20 working days. Interesting fact is that employees are entitled to supplementary leave depending on their age. Employees are entitled to longer supplementary leave in the year in which they reach a specific age. Length of supplementary leave:


Greece is famous for its peculiarities in annual leave policy. From the date employees start working in a business and until they have completed 12 months of continuous employment, employees are entitled to a percentage of the normal annual paid leave which is proportional to the time they have spent in the business. The percentage is calculated on the basis of annual leave of 24 working days or, if the business operates a 5-day working week system, of 20 working days without including in the calculation those days of the week on which the person does not work because of the system applied. The employer is obliged to grant the above-mentioned proportion of annual leave by the end of the calendar year in which the employee was recruited.



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