Benefits of hiring tech employees in Poland

IT developers Poland
  • Poland has an exceptional 70.56 points in the US Chamber of Commerce IP Index 2020, making it the safest country among popular outsourcing locations.
  • Poland ranks third in terms of developer success in prominent programming contests, according to Hackerrank, and fifth in TopCoder Country Ranking statistics.
  • Poland is the largest FinTech market in Central and Eastern Europe, with a market value of roughly of 856 million euro. It’s vital for Fintech businesses to stay within the EU market while being compliant with EU rules — and saving money on labor costs.
  • In the English Proficiency Index, Poland ranks 16th out of 100 countries
  • Poland has an excellent geographical location.

Payroll Taxes in Poland

Individual taxation in Poland consists of social contributions and personal income tax. Some of the social contributions in Poland are paid by the employee and some by the employer as follows:

Personal Income Tax in Poland

Poland has a progressive taxation system. Generally, an annual income of up to 85,528 PLN will be taxed as 17%, whereas income above this limit will be taxed at 32%

How to hire employees in Poland?

PEO in Poland is the fastest way to hire developers in Poland. Acvian Global HR and Employment solution allows hiring and onboarding employees in Poland directly on our entity. Our company will serve as an official employer for legal and tax purposes while employees perform work for you. Acvian will provide payroll services in Poland and will offer benefit packages like private health insurance, gym allowance, car, or office rent.
If you are interested in hiring tech employees in Poland, check out our recent post outlining labor agreements in Poland and their differences.



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