Benefits of hiring tech employees in Poland

IT developers Poland
  • Poland has an exceptional 70.56 points in the US Chamber of Commerce IP Index 2020, making it the safest country among popular outsourcing locations.
  • Poland ranks third in terms of developer success in prominent programming contests, according to Hackerrank, and fifth in TopCoder Country Ranking statistics.
  • Poland is the largest FinTech market in Central and Eastern Europe, with a market value of roughly of 856 million euro. It’s vital for Fintech businesses to stay within the EU market while being compliant with EU rules — and saving money on labor costs.
  • In the English Proficiency Index, Poland ranks 16th out of 100 countries
  • Poland has an excellent geographical location.

Payroll Taxes in Poland

Personal Income Tax in Poland

How to hire employees in Poland?




Employer of Record Services in 118 Countries

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Employer of Record Services in 118 Countries

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