Benefits of hiring tech employees in Ukraine

Why is Ukraine good for hiring IT developers?

  • Strong tech skills and good education. Universities and educational centers in Ukraine produce more than 36,000 students who graduate with degrees in IT-related fields.
  • Good command of English. Due to the educational system, Ukrainian developers have a good knowledge of the. English language and there are a lot of opportunities to master foreign languages.
  • Cultural compatibility. Good cultural compatibility with the US and EU customers. Ukrainians share the same values and business standards and are keen on the quality of the services, integrity, and transparency.
  • Competitive rates. Being such a fruitful soil for tech initiatives, Ukraine offers a well-balanced quality/value ratio that attracts the world’s tech giants. Compared to Poland, Belarus, and the Czech Republic, Ukraine offers more competitive rates for programmers and a much larger tech talent pool.

Are Ukrainian developers good?

  • Ukrainian software developers are skilled in a variety of technologies, with JavaScript (18.4%), Java (15.4%), C# (13.7%), Python (13.2%), and PHP (10.8%) being the most popular programming languages in 2021.
  • Ukraine’s IT industry ranks 1st globally by the number of Unity3D game developers and C++ engineers and 2nd when it comes to JavaScript, Scala, and Magento developers.
  • In Ukraine, the software outsourcing industry claims the 3rd spot for the number of Node.js, Python, ASP.NET, Ruby, Symfony, and PHP developers.
  • High-class technical education is one of the reasons why it’s relatively easy to hire back-end programmers with enough skills to build high-load systems with complex logic.
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How many programmers are in Ukraine?

With a high demand for IT developers, the unemployment rate in Ukraine is shrinking.

What is the cost of hiring developers in Ukraine?

  • Rate of a junior developer in Ukraine — $ 19–25 per hour.
  • Rate of a middle developer in Ukraine — $ 26–38 per hour.
  • Rate of a senior developer in Ukraine — $ 39–60 per hour.

How to hire a developer from Ukraine?

EOR in Ukraine is the fastest way to hire developers.
Acvian Global HR and Employment solution allows hiring and onboarding employees in Ukraine directly on our entity. Our company will serve as an official employer for legal and tax purposes while employees perform work for you. Acvian will provide payroll services in Ukraine and will offer benefit packages like private health insurance, gym allowance, car, or office rent.

Payroll taxes in Ukraine

The taxation system in Ukraine is quite simple compared to the western countries.



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