Challenges and Benefits of Hiring in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia

4 min readJun 2, 2021

Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan have always been and still remain tricky areas to hire from. There are still ways through legislative, national, and taxing peculiarities. Learn how to hire easily and compliantly in Central Asia from this article.

Employing overseas in the post-COVID world

It’s crucial to hire the right people at the moment when your company needs them most. In times of everlasting global change, the need to onboard industrious qualified staff grows exponentially. This is when companies become compelled to search high and low for the right prospect, even if it takes them overseas.

With work environments shifting globally due to the pandemic, it becomes more than ever obvious that “the future of work” is here to stay with all of its features:

  • remote offices
  • telecommuting
  • flexible hours
  • other remote work arrangements.

This unprecedented global experiment is going to draw a vivid change across industries and nations. Businesses willing to stay on top will have to not only put up with but also harness this into an opportunity.

Organizations are no longer tied to choosing a candidate that possesses local proximity to their office. This opens up talent pools in a way that is game-changing for organizations, which can start sourcing around where talent is rather than roaming the area.

Thanks to the expertise and the global network of international employment service providers, organizations are granted a capacity to hire abroad but can skip the high cost of incorporation on site.

Acvian is a seasoned expert in this field providing your business with a set of benefits:

  • On-site office representatives
  • Budget-friendly employment of your talent abroad (no legal entity cost)
  • Cost-efficiency for short or long-term project hires
  • Direct access to global talent with an optimized custom quote.

Is Kyrgyzstan really that difficult in means of employment?

Learning how to hire in Kyrgyzstan can be rather tricky. The reason being, employment within an EOR solution can be arranged using a project-based employment contract only upon so-called “patent”. The employment process is organized by local payroll/accounting companies. There is no way a company (client) can hire an employee permanently in the Kyrgyz Republic via an EOR provider. There are some benefits for an employer in this case:

  • A company can hire an employee in Kyrgyzstan only for a relatively short term. This means less liability for the employer.
  • There is no mandatory employment history documentation in the Kyrgyz Republic, so there is less hassle for the employer, again.
  • All benefits, taxes, and bonuses still get accounted for and included in the contract. This is normally taken care of by a PEO/EOR like Acvian.

Completing all of these legal responsibilities on your own if you do not have an established firm on-site (a legal entity) can be a daunting task. Here are some of the obvious burdens you’ll have to overcome:

  • tax law complications
  • employment legislation changes
  • filing annual reports
  • local bank registration
  • Working out employee benefits and insurance policies according to the country specifics.

Unlike other countries in the Central Asian region, the Kyrgyz Republic decided to simplify its visa application and reception process. Kyrgyzstan is looking into growing their tourism industry, thus they promote and facilitate visits by outsiders quite a bit. Accessibility is one of the advantages of hiring in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Central Asia and international employment

Companies willing to hire from Uzbekistan can find that a clear employment contract is the best option. Fixed-term contracts are this country’s peculiarity as it is Kyrgyzstan’s. Be sure to follow employment laws, since they are outlined very strictly in the region. For instance, certain work categories are prohibited from working overtime.

If you’re planning on hiring people from Turkmenistan, make sure you work hard on the first employment contract and outline every possible employment detail: salary, benefits, insurance, termination conditions, etc. When mentioning salary, provide the equivalent in Turkmenistan Manat instead of another currency.

Tajikistan allows for employment contracts to be oral or written. But we strongly advise for a written contract with all major terms pointed out in Tajiki.

Upon choosing your prospect for the position you are to organize the hiring process. Normally, Kazakhstan’s best practices for employment include obtaining a temporary residence permit, obtaining a local identity (personal identification code), receiving a work permit, getting medical insurance, fixing an employment agreement.

Depending on the project your potential employee will have to have his work and residence permits prolonged.

Benefits of hiring in Kyrgyzstan/Central Asia using global EOR

Global employment options are limitless if your budget is. Smart vision for international employment is outsourcing simple employment processes to those who know the field well and own local expertise.

Hiring through a global employer of record will take that burden off your shoulders.