Challenges and Benefits of Hiring in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia

Employing overseas in the post-COVID world

  • remote offices
  • telecommuting
  • flexible hours
  • other remote work arrangements.
  • On-site office representatives
  • Budget-friendly employment of your talent abroad (no legal entity cost)
  • Cost-efficiency for short or long-term project hires
  • Direct access to global talent with an optimized custom quote.

Is Kyrgyzstan really that difficult in means of employment?

  • A company can hire an employee in Kyrgyzstan only for a relatively short term. This means less liability for the employer.
  • There is no mandatory employment history documentation in the Kyrgyz Republic, so there is less hassle for the employer, again.
  • All benefits, taxes, and bonuses still get accounted for and included in the contract. This is normally taken care of by a PEO/EOR like Acvian.
  • tax law complications
  • employment legislation changes
  • filing annual reports
  • local bank registration
  • Working out employee benefits and insurance policies according to the country specifics.

Central Asia and international employment

Benefits of hiring in Kyrgyzstan/Central Asia using global EOR




Employer of Record Services in 118 Countries

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Employer of Record Services in 118 Countries

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