Labour Act Amendment in Slovakia

…and the changes it will bring

3 min readJun 10, 2021

As the new Slovakian government settles in, some employment-related laws are yielding changes. Learn what exactly awaits employers under renewed legislation in the Slovak Republic

Employment Law in the Slovak Republic

Employment is principally regulated by the Labour Code in Slovak Republic (Slovakia). Employment relationships can be started by drafting an employment contract.

There has recently been an amendment to the Labour Act that extends an option to provide a financial contribution for meals instead of mandatory meal vouchers for every employee.

Before March 2021 an employer was obliged to contribute financially to meals of the employees who:

  • are incapacitated to receive meals in their working place due to the character of the work being performed;
  • are prohibited to receive meals at the workplace by doctor’s orders;
  • are teleworkers and thus unable to receive meals at the workplace.

The Labour Code Amendment Taking Effect on March 1st

The latest amendment to the labour law introduces several changes to the previous legislation order:

  • an employer is now required to present a choice for every employee: a meal voucher or a financial contribution for meals
  • an employee chooses his/her option once per a period of twelve months
  • an employer will be able to provide the financial contribution for meals to a wider number of employees
  • the financial contribution in Slovakia for meals is at a minimum of EUR 2.11 at the moment. If the employer chooses not to contribute using a meal voucher, then the financial contribution for meals will be at least 55 % of an average meal voucher value
  • an employer and employee must previously agree on the remote work option in the employment agreement
  • an employer may determine the working hours, however, there is still an option to agree that the employees will do that themselves
  • in regards to the remote work, an additional obligation on the part of the employer — to provide equal workplace rights (training, equipment access, right to disconnect in non-working time)
  • an employer can from now on get a confirmation whether a trade union has a sufficient number of employees to operate at the employer or not.

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