Why do small and medium-sized businesses need an EOR partner?

What is an employer of record?

Management Skills and Human Factors

Risk and Innovation

International Growth

Building Partnerships

Employer of Record for SMEs

  • Ensuring the legal rights of the employees to work in the state where the EOR is located. It includes arranging visas and work permits, avoiding delays and refusals;
  • Keeping the client updated in terms of local labor laws and organizing all the working processes in compliance with them;
  • Managing all payroll-related matters inside the offshoring country;
  • Bookkeeping and accounting administration;
  • Tax planning and consultation;
  • Administration of employee benefits, such as medical insurance, day-offs, sick leaves, and more;
  • Operating as a shelter for a client during the interaction with authorities of the host country.
  • Adaptability and flexibility in solution selection
  • Swift processing and setup (within 72H per setup)
  • Single point of entry with access to 118 countries
  • Professional consulting
  • Discount system for loyal clients and non-profits.




Employer of Record Services in 118 Countries

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Employer of Record Services in 118 Countries

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