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Company values are the fundamental beliefs on which business is based. These are the main principles used when interacting with other companies, customers, and employees. Once the list is defined, the values should be firm and unwavering — literally an ultimatum, not an offer. …

It’s been almost a year since the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced the opening of the Investment Office, which allows direct domestic and foreign investment in the oil and gas industry.

Invest Office is a direct connection with the industry market, which, we hope, will give the necessary dynamics…

IR35, in simple words, is a law that provides that persons working under the conditions of full-time personnel (based on certain criteria and a contract) could not form and use an LTD company, since this structure (legal entity) gives special tax privileges in general.

As in any country, and in…

Summer is the most popular and demanded vacation season worldwide.

From some perspectives it can be considered as a kind of employee benefit providing an opportunity to get rest and recover on a statutory basis.

Find out how vacation policies vary from country by country and what any employer should…

Acvian has recently got together for a real-time convention in Kyiv. The convention involved a lot of business networking and held a customer-centric vibe

Remote hiring has got to be the biggest coronavirus legacy yet! Nowadays 20–30% of employees telecommute on a daily basis, growing exponentially higher in some industries.

91% of the business population is being represented by small and medium-sized companies. With 52% of SME entrepreneurs complaining about labor quality, the chase for talent is becoming really tough. Let’s explore solutions that may aid SMEs to thrive instead of failing

What is an employer of record?

It’s a part of HR services outsourcing that…

The global EOR is seeing tremendous growth, adoption, and enormous investment in the last several years. It is enabling HR agility for growing businesses. Hiring foreigners abroad has never faced more opportunities than it does today. …

…and the changes it will bring

As the new Slovakian government settles in, some employment-related laws are yielding changes. Learn what exactly awaits employers under renewed legislation in the Slovak Republic

Employment Law in the Slovak Republic

Employment is principally regulated by the Labour Code in Slovak Republic (Slovakia). Employment relationships can be started by drafting an employment contract.

There has recently…

In today’s world of speed and high relevance, accelerated employment solutions take over, especially when the international talent market comes into play

What is a global payroll estimator tool?

Acvian Payroll Cost Estimator is a universal and useful tool for the HR, recruiting, PEO/EOR industry. It helps you receive an instant employment cost estimate in one of…

Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan have always been and still remain tricky areas to hire from. There are still ways through legislative, national, and taxing peculiarities. Learn how to hire easily and compliantly in Central Asia from this article.

Employing overseas in the post-COVID world

It’s crucial to hire the right people at the moment…


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